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Mario Levi's novel "Istanbul was a Tale" published in France by Sabine Wespieser Editeur!

Novel translated from Turkish
by Ferda Fidan
Available in bookstores, 720 pages
ISBN: 978-2-84805-092-8

Istanbul was a tale
Mario Levi

Family saga, book-winded wandering intimate and romantic world, Istanbul was a tale that is both. Born into a Sephardic Jewish family arrived in Istanbul at the time of the Reconquista, the writer delves into the memory of her hometown as if opening a treasure chest.
Objects, paintings and sepia photographs come to life, and that's life daily three generations of Jews Istanbulites during the twentieth century is taking shape. He must accept to get lost in the narrow streets of the city on the Bosphorus and the intricacies of family histories: according to the wanderings of the narrator, revealing through a thousand stories and anecdotes, the secrets of each of his forty-seven characters (that inventories in a glossary at the beginning of work), the charm works.
Istanbul is a tale, as are the adventures, real or imaginary, of its inhabitants. In another story, a portrait emerges of a world city, but also its evolution towards modernity. Cosmopolitan and welcoming to foreign communities change over time, while ringing up the heart of the tragedies of the century homes.
Powerfully nostalgic, Mario Levi's book attempts, and not its least attractive, to rescue a sunken world, a world of traders still speaking Yiddish and Ladino, a world where living together all the traditions and all religions.
Istanbul was a tale is the love song of the writer in his city, along with a great invitation to travel.